Richmond Amateur Radio Club

Ham Radio Launched on Balloon

Four cars of hams chased a balloon carrying APRS and launched from Franklin Military Academy, a Richmond city school. KN4CZZ, chemistry teacher at the school led this, his second launch from the school. This time he used APRS and got lots of hams to chase with him.

All but two of the chase team holding the prey on a country road in New Kent County near Providence Forge

Track from APRS.FI

It didn’t go far but it went high, 84,000 feet.

Checking the lift just before launch.


History of Radio slides

The history of radio – and a museum to go with it – is a passion for RARC member John DeMajo, K5HTZ. In edition of his series in the RARC monthly newsletter, he presents it as a series of slides. Some have asked for the slides. You can get a PDF copy by clicking radio_history.

Hams at the 2017 RVA MakerFest

Clockwise John King, WB4NHX, gets the SDR receiver and its large spectrum display going. Bruce MacAlister, W4BRU, and Rick Waller, KA4OHM, show an Arrow (brand) dual-band Yagi-Udo antenna used to talk via ham satellites. Maylon Pearman, N4EG, answers questions. Tom Ebbert, KQ4BIZ, (in the striped shirt) shows how Manhattan-style circuits are built. Rick Waller, KA4OHM, shows DIY radios to a mother and son.

Photos by Armand Hamel, WA1UQO

Hams staffing the tables:

Amand Hamel, WA1UQO

Bill Catogni, KM4MGP

Bruce MacAlister, W4BRU

Dan Bryant, N4DOB

John King, WB4NHX

Judi LeHuquet, KM4MGO

Ken Zutavern, K4ZUT

Maylon Pearman, N4EG

Mike Calkins, KA2CUF

Mike Owens, K4RKO

Rick Waller, KA4OHM

Rob Thomas, KC4NYK

Tom Ebbert, KQ4BIZ