Richmond Amateur Radio Club

RARC Radio Run is done

As reported by Jim Bates, K8OI, June Radio Run Instigator, these 13 hams made at least one contact a day in June:
  • Pat Wilson, W4PW
  • Jerry Williams, KJ4IT
  • Joe Palsa, K3WRY
  • Dave Meier, N4MW
  • Cissy Meier, N4ZRW
  • Bruce MacAlister, W4BRU
  • Armand Hamel, WA1UQO
  • Dave Hallman, KM4GBW
  • Buddy Hall. KM4JCP
  • George Golding. W3PPY
  • Michael Calkins, KA2CUF
  • Jim Bates, K8OI
  • Mike Arthur, W4MHA

Remote Hams presentation of 12 May 2017

As soon as some Internet firewall issues are sorted out, the RARC remotely controllable station will be available for club members to use from their computers (Windows only) or Android phones or tablets.

Click here to see or download the PDF on the RARC station and the RemoteHams software.


DMR radios available for Special Olympics

The June 9-10 Virginia Special Olympics is using DMR digital HTs this year. Don’t have one? Not to worry. The leadership got a stash of them. Special Olympics is always fun and rewarding. If you’ve not used a digital ham radio, you get an added bonus of learning how.

New DMR repeater on the air in Richmond

New BrandMeister repeater on air in Richmond
Posted on February 11, 2017 by kd4bpz

While not directly connected to the DMRVA repeater network, this new repeater is operated cooperatively by DMRVA staff.

The repeater is located in downtown Richmond with an elevation of approximately 350 feet. The repeater performs nicely to the north, east and south. Coverage to the west is decent too but there is some shadowing due to the buildings.

It operates on 443.5375 MHz, up 5 MHz with CC1. TS 1 is wide open for any talkgroup available on the BM network. TS 2 currently carries Va Statewide (3151), Local 2 (2), Local 9 ( 9, local repeater only) as well as Richmond Local (31511 – tied to the DMRVA repeater local).

MRA 145.43 repeater move completed Dec 28 2016

KG4MRA repeater was moved to the new location on Wednesday 12/28/2016, and is fully operational. The impulse noise on the repeater input frequency is gone, gone! The new location in central Richmond, has moved the center of coverage about 13 miles ENE.

We are collecting signal reports from all stations. Early results are good, very good. Given the impulse noise is gone forever, things have improved significantly. The new antenna is ~730 feet AGL, and the station ERP (Effective Radiated Power) is 100 watts.

We encourage the entire Amateur community to use the repeater frequently and please consider joining the MRA for $15/year.

73 de Brewer Pedin, W4MGA, President, MRA