Richmond Amateur Radio Club

Hams at the 2017 RVA MakerFest

Clockwise John King, WB4NHX, gets the SDR receiver and its large spectrum display going. Bruce MacAlister, W4BRU, and Rick Waller, KA4OHM, show an Arrow (brand) dual-band Yagi-Udo antenna used to talk via ham satellites. Maylon Pearman, N4EG, answers questions. Tom Ebbert, KQ4BIZ, (in the striped shirt) shows how Manhattan-style circuits are built. Rick Waller, KA4OHM, shows DIY radios to a mother and son.

Photos by Armand Hamel, WA1UQO

Hams staffing the tables:

Amand Hamel, WA1UQO

Bill Catogni, KM4MGP

Bruce MacAlister, W4BRU

Dan Bryant, N4DOB

John King, WB4NHX

Judi LeHuquet, KM4MGO

Ken Zutavern, K4ZUT

Maylon Pearman, N4EG

Mike Calkins, KA2CUF

Mike Owens, K4RKO

Rick Waller, KA4OHM

Rob Thomas, KC4NYK

Tom Ebbert, KQ4BIZ

Join the hams making eyeball QSOs at MakerFest Oct 7

Saturday October 7 is the 2017 edition of the RVA MakerFest at the Science Museum of Virginia. We’ve been doing this since the first one in 2013. The club has a table down by the tracks where we meet and greet. Come join us at 2500 W Broad St, 10am to 5pm.

Beside hams there will be metal working, beer, textiles, food trucks, robots, and much more making.

RARC Radio Run is done

As reported by Jim Bates, K8OI, June Radio Run Instigator, these 13 hams made at least one contact a day in June:
  • Pat Wilson, W4PW
  • Jerry Williams, KJ4IT
  • Joe Palsa, K3WRY
  • Dave Meier, N4MW
  • Cissy Meier, N4ZRW
  • Bruce MacAlister, W4BRU
  • Armand Hamel, WA1UQO
  • Dave Hallman, KM4GBW
  • Buddy Hall. KM4JCP
  • George Golding. W3PPY
  • Michael Calkins, KA2CUF
  • Jim Bates, K8OI
  • Mike Arthur, W4MHA

Remote Hams presentation of 12 May 2017

As soon as some Internet firewall issues are sorted out, the RARC remotely controllable station will be available for club members to use from their computers (Windows only) or Android phones or tablets.

Click here to see or download the PDF on the RARC station and the RemoteHams software.


DMR radios available for Special Olympics

The June 9-10 Virginia Special Olympics is using DMR digital HTs this year. Don’t have one? Not to worry. The leadership got a stash of them. Special Olympics is always fun and rewarding. If you’ve not used a digital ham radio, you get an added bonus of learning how.