Richmond Amateur Radio Club

Richmond Amateur Radio Club Go-Box Contest

Judging date: February 12th, 2016

GoBoxPapersThe Richmond Amateur Radio Club (RARC) is proud to sponsor our first Radio Go-Box Competition. The concept is to have radio amateurs “show off” their portable base station, or Radio Go-Box. The demonstration will give radio operators ideas to develop, build, and enhance their own Radio Go-Box.

A Radio Go-Box is a portable base station consisting of, at a minimum, a transceiver, antenna, and power source. For the purposes of this contest, the power source does not have to be in the same container with the transceiver.

Contest Rules

Our first “RARC Radio Go-Box Contest” will be held on February 12th 2016. You do not have to be a member of any particular club to participate, but you must be a licensed ham to enter and participate.

See the full contest rules at RARC Go Box Contest.

Examples of Go Boxes and the papers on them are listed here.  Click a title and the PDF file will appear as if by magic.



Amateur Radio GoBox

Emergency Communications

Emergency Ham Radio Portable Go


William Waters III N7IPY Go Box

GoBoxVideosVideos of Go Boxes

These videos are on YouTube.  Go Box Videos on YouTube is a PDF with live links so you can click a link and go to the video.

The RARC and the 2015 RVA MakerFest

The RARC and the 2015 RVA MakerFestThere were so many people that the food trucks started running out of food. The first RVA MakerFest in 2014 hosted 4,500 visitors. The second 2015 RVA MakerFest had over 8,000 visitors. The RARC table was near the entrance to the pavilion so we got lots of traffic. A dozen RARC members wearing names tags saying “Radio Maker” had a continuous stream of visitors. Tom Flippen’s function generator fed a moving signal to Bruce MacAlister’s oscilloscope to attract attention. Visitors watched Rob Thomas’ Raspberry Pi based receiver display digital waterfalls and extract the text. RARC hams showed Armand Hamel’s home-built QRPp transceivers. Lots of RARC cards were handed out so visitors can come to meetings, sign up for classes and get involved in ham radio.

Classes start September 8th

ClassCollageFeb2015The twice-a-year classes start with registration Tuesday, September 8, 7 to 8pm at our teaching site, Bon Air United Methodist Church.  The license preparation classes run 10 Tuesday nights.  The optional classes are Thursday nights with some on Saturday mornings.

Check out the schedule from the links on the right.  That has class information, dates and times, tuition, textbook and exam fees and a map to the site.

Photos by Joe Mahoney, KI4GAP, from Fall 2014 classes.

Field Day June 27 & 28 Laurel Park with RATS and DDXG

In the Richmond-area tradition* of having a joint Field Day, led by RATS, FD2013aRARC and DDXG hams gather at Laural Park in Glenn Allen for two field days.  It’s a chance to operate mostly HF, have eyeball QSOs with local hams, and let curious visitors get on the air.  Allen Johnson and his happy band of Volunteer Examiners will give FCC exams on the 27th.

(* In modern-day Virginia it’s a tradition if you’ve done it two consecutive years.)