Richmond Amateur Radio Club

2014 Field Day Report

FD2014“Another Field Day has come and gone. This was the first time that all four Richmond Ham clubs had a joint field day. Boy was it a blast. We had 3 full stations operational and scored over (unconfirmed as yet) over 3,000 points in the 3A category. Wonderful weather. Great friendships, learning opportunities for new hams, etc..

Amateur Radio Tests were given to over 25 persons, including men, women, and children. This is truly a wonderful testimony to interests in Ham Radio. This was also the best example of the ham radio being a hobby for everyone…”, said RARC president Joe Palsa, K3WRY, in the July club newsletter.

That newsletter also has lots of Field Day pictures.  Click here to read the newsletter with the photos..

Public Service Season

From April to September walks, runs, and bicycles races bust out all over. Many of them want hams to help with communications. What we can do – that cell phones can’t – is provide multi-party communications. (Cell phone calls are all one-to-one communications.) And we keep the event leaders up to date on the progress while doing the communications for them.

For hams it’s the chance to practice our network control skills that are so valuable in emergency communications. We also have fun with hams we know well and some we meet for the first time.

Here are some events that need ham radio support:





Bike MS Virginia

Mike Hackett –


Heart of Virginia Bike Festival


Step Out to Fight Diabetes

Roy Schultz –


Marine Corps Marathon

Win Grant’s 2014 Dayton Report

Dayton 2014 welcome banner
Dayton weather can be unpredictable.  After three years of pristine sunshine, we experience just about everything that Ohio has to offer in terms of weather in three days from sun, to rain, to sleet with the temperature never getting out of the 50’s, and well below that the first day.
Some of the technical highlights: The Icom ID 5100A was on the display for the first time….  GreTen Heron… showed off a wireless remote antenna switch.  om, DF2BO, owner of Optibeam…he had a 40 meter Moxon….Robin Cutshaw, AA4RC, inventor of the DVAP and DV Dongle, announced a new product based on a Raspberry Pi….  Two days before the hamfest, Alpha and Ten Tec announced a merger.  Marcus, WV4Y, was showing off the new Hilberling solid state amp.
To read the entire report click here .

Twenty Seven hams showed up for Special Olympics 2014!

Hams working the Special Olympics 2011

At last count 27 ham volunteered for the 2014 Special Olympics.  Besides the good work providing communications to the officials, coaches, etc. it was a real gook-fest.  Lots of hams doing tech-talk.  See you next year.

Go to .  You get Matt Kimball’s website and the invitation you see in the center above to sign up.  Your options are full or partial days Thursday (June 5th) for setup and Friday (6th) and Saturday (7th) for the competitions.  As the pictures show, hams are everywhere from events (bottom right) to net control (top left) to the medical tent (top right) and finally, shadowing officials (bottom left).  It’s exciting and useful work.

Next classes start in September

We have over 30 students for the spring 2014 sessions in four classes, Technician, General, Extra and Morse code.  Spring classes end May 6.

For fall class dates click here or click the License Class Schedules link on the right. Registration will be the day after Labor Day, Tuesday, September 2, 7 to 8pm.

Officers and Directors installed at 2013 RARC annual banquet

The 2013 RARC annual meeting with installation of officers and directors was held Friday, November 8 at the Chesterfield County Airport.  Harry Dannals, W2HD, president emeritus of both the ARRL and Quarter Century Wireless Association was the speaker.  More on the meeting plans is in the announcement posting below.
Left to right Treasurer Richard Arnold, WA4FEH; Secretary Maylon Pearman, KG4RPQ; Vice President, David Robinson, KJ4LHP; President, Joe Palsa, K3WRY; outgoing President Win Grant, WA4SSG at the microphone.

Left to right Treasurer Richard Arnold, WA4FEH; Secretary Maylon Pearman, KG4RPQ; Vice President, David Robinson, KJ4LHP; President, Joe Palsa, K3WRY; outgoing President Win Grant, WA4SSG, at the microphone.

The officers and directors elected at the October meeting were installed.  They are President, Joe Palsa, K3WRY; Vice President, David Robinson, KJ4LHP; Treasurer Richard Arnold, WA4FEH; Secretary Maylon Pearman, KG4RPQ; Director, Allan Johnson, WA3J; Director,Austin Thomas, N4CVA, the youngest director to date; Win Grant, WA4SSG, who, as past president, automatically serves as a director.  Marshall Ervine, N4XBP continues as Registered Agent.  The final director is appointed by the president each year.  Tom Flippen, KD4CMK, was appointed for 2014.

Harry Dannals, W2HD, guest speaker and Austin Thomas, N4CVA, the youngest director to date
Harry Dannals, W2HD, guest speaker and Austin Thomas, N4CVA, the youngest director to date

The photos are from Win Grant.  Since he is in some of them, the photographer was some anonymous ham whose identity may be revealed eventually.

Annual Banquet November 8 – ARRL President Emeritus to speak

The 2013 RARC Annual Banquet will be held on Friday, November 8. The board of directors decided to try something a little different this year.

First, we have a new venue with plenty of room for everyone. We set out to find a site with sufficient room, and RARC vice president Pete Fundinger, AA4PF, has found just such a place. The banquet will be at the King’s Korner restaurant at the Chesterfield County Airport. We will have a private room with a buffet set up just for us.

Chesterfield airport map

Second, rather than paying for whatever you order, the board of directors voted to charge a flat $15 for each person with everyone responsible for paying for any drinks you order from the bar. But we need everyone to make a reservation and pay the $15 per person cost in advance of the banquet. That is well before November 8.

Reservation forms are available on this website by clicking here (or see Forms on the right) and at the September and October Club meetings. The reservation form was also mailed or e-mailed to all members with the September newsletter.  You can mail your reservation to the address on the form.

Harry Dannals, W2HDMost importantly, we have past ARRL president, Harry Dannals, W2HD, lined up to be our guest speaker. Harry has an amateur radio biography that few can claim. He was president of the ARRL from 1972-82. He was named President Emeritus of ARRL in 1984. In 2010, Harry was named President Emeritus of the Quarter Century Wireless Association, an association he also served as president from 1989-94. In 2002, Harry was inducted into the CQ Magazine Amateur Radio Hall of Fame. And these are just a few of Harry’s radio affiliations and accomplishments. Harry lives in Charlottesville where he is still active in ham radio. Harry will be joined by Bob Patterson, K4DU, the president of the Albemarle Amateur Radio Club.

Excerpted from the “From the Prez” article by RARC president Win Grant, WA4SSG, in the September 2013 RARC newsletter. See News Letters on the right to read the entire article.