RARC Space Station team visits school

Key members of the RARC space station contact team met with the faculty at Woodson Middle School in Hopewell where the ARISS contact will be made. It’s a thoroughly modern school with good facilities. The school is scheduled to have a contact between January and June 2022. The RARC team:

  • Teaches and leads labs in “things radio” and communications in general. That includes such cutting edge technology like using two cans and a string.
  • Teaches how to communicate in a net with considerable latency (earth-space-earth). We’ll unleash them with HTs to give them practice.
  • If we can get it all working in time and the ARISS organization agrees, we will switch from using phone-patch to direct with antennas on the roof. A sub-group of three members are working on that.

Currently 8 hams and 3 school faculty members make up the team. A few of them are shown in the photo.

The self-appointed project manager for the RARC is W4BRU (w4bru@arrl.net).