Loaner gear from the Richmond Amateur Radio Club

This loaner equipment is kept in a secured locker at the club’s usual meeting and teaching site, Bon Air United Methodist Church. Here are the descriptions with links to PDFs of the manuals or guides

  • Antenna analyzer, simple, BNC connector (you provide 259 or SMA adapters as needed), YouKits FG-01, 60MHz max – YouKits-FG-01-antenna-analyzer-guide-by-W4BRU.

  • Digital MultiMeter  auto-range: volts, resistance, AC amps with clamp, test leads, alligator clips, ST201,DC volt 600, AC volts 600, AC amps 400, (No DC amps), Diode forward volts,Audio continuity

  • MFJ-260C dummy load, 300watts max, 650MHz max – MFJ-260C.

  • HoldPeak HP-4070L LCR meter: R to 2000MΩ, C 2000pF to 200uF, L 200mH to 20H, Transistor 10uA, 3v – LCR-meter-Holdpeak-4070L

  • MFJ-870 SWR-Wattmeter, 5w, 2w, 200w, PEP & Avg – MFJ-870.

  • NanoVNA-H4 vector analyzer 2-port for  antennas,  RF transmission lines, and RF filters: 50kHz – 300MHz, 300MHz – 900MHz, 0.9 GHz – 1.5GHz – NanoVNA User Guide-English-reformat-Oct-2-19, NanoVNA-H4 Made Easy

To borrow one of these:

  1. Contact the keeper of the records to see if what you want is available. The keeper is John DeMajo, K5HTZ, at 504-858-7689 or

  2. Tell John what you want to borrow and when.

  3. Arrange to pick up (and return) the gear at a monthly club meeting.