Class Schedules


Fall 2024

Exam preparation classes

The courses are described at

At this time, we can tell you that the registration for the Fall FCC license classes will start on 7/23/2024 and end on 8/27/24.

We will have FCC license classes for all three levels of Ham license, Technician (first license class), General (second license class), and Extra (last license class).

The book for the Technician and General classes you can get from

Cost $29.95 plus Virginia sales tax and shipping.

The Technician class will be on Tuesday, the classes start on 9/3/24 and run for 10 weeks ending on 11/5/24.

The General class will be on Thursday, the classes start on 10/10/24 run for 5 weeks and end on 11/07/24.

At this time, we are not sure of the start date for Extra classes, but they will be no longer than 10 weeks and will end on 11/5/24 same as the Technician and General class does.

A FREE exam test, to get your license, will be on Saturday 11/09/24 at 10 AM at the

Chesterfield Library Bon Air Branch
9103 Rattlesnake Rd
North Chesterfield, VA 23235

Skills Seminars

ClassWhyWhenDurationLocationPrerequisites instructor(s)MinMaxIn ClassRegister and Pay byExam date
Antenna ModelingUse of EZNECThursday night, 6:45pm to 8:45
1 meeting March 21Classroom at Bon Air United Methodist Church By email after registrationRobert Orndorff, W4BNO4153March 8, 2024none
DstarSetup & operationSaturday, 9 to 11am1 meeting April 27Classroom at Bon Air United Methodist Church NoneWin Grant, W4WIN4154April 19, 2024none
Radiosport & Contesting 101Using contesting toolsSaturday, 9;30am to 1pm1 meeting April 6Classroom at Bon Air United Methodist Church NoneRonnie Bolton, WU4G, & Lauren Ware, W4LEW4154March 22, 2024none
Remote StationSetup & operationWednesday nights, 7 to 9pm2 meetings March 6 & 13ZoomMust be RARC member to use stationBruce MacAlister, W4BRU282February 23, 2024none
Station setup 101 Setup your stationSaturday, 9am to noon1 meeting May 25Classroom at Bon Air United Methodist Church NoneGroup ofRARC members led by Bruce MacAlister, W4BRU10200April 19, 2024


  • Minimums allow students to drop out when life gets in the way and still have enough students for a class.
  • Maximums are the limits of the classroom size.
  • Tuition covers supplies for the instructors and donations to the church that does not charge for club use.