FCC CORES Getting Access

The FCC retired the legacy version of the CORES system on July 15, 2022.  CORES is the database that the FCC keeps all of the information it tracks on Amateur Radio as well as the other area’s that the FCC controls.

In the legacy version of the CORES access was controlled by your FRN (FCC Registration Number) used as your ID and then your password to gain access to your information.

The new CORES system uses your email address with a password to control access to your information. Please note: Having used the new interface, my opinion is that it is the legacy version under the covers, with the new version being only a change to the access control entry point. After entering the new version of CORES with your Email address and Password, you then enter your FRN that you want to access and the password that you created for access, in the legacy version of the CORES. To me they just added the email ID and password on top of the old system.  Granted the “login screens” look different but pretty much the rest is the same.

The first thing you need to do is create an account in the new CORES system and then connect your old FRN to the new account.

So here is what you need.
• Your FRN
• The password from the old CORES system
• The email address you want the FCC to use to contact you
• A new password
• A second email address, purpose unknown

When you have all of the above information go to this PDF FCC retired the legacy version of the CORES system on July 15 2022  and follow the instructions to create you new account in the CORES system and connect your FRN(s) to that account.