By-Laws Vote

At our next meeting, February 9, we have two changes to the By-Laws of the Richmond Amateurs Radio Club to VOTE on. The changes relate to when the dues are due and the length of time you have to pay your dues, before you are moved to the inactive roster.

Change the date your dues are due, from November 1 to January 1.

Change the time you have to pay your dues after they are due from 90 days to 59 or 60 if it is a leap year – March 1.

While the RARC’s board of directors approved both changes, to change the By-Laws takes approval of the membership.

We will discuss, at the meeting, why these changes to the By-Laws are being requested.

Here is the exact text of these two changes.

SECTION 1. The corporation shall have three classes of members: full, inactive and honorary.

  1. Full members shall be those persons expressing an interest in amateur radio. A full member shall be entitled to vote on all corporate matters and may hold any office in the
  2. Inactive members shall be those more than ninety days in arrears in dues who have not paid their dues by March 1. Inactive members shall have no vote and may not hold an office in the

SECTION 3. Membership Dues

  1. a) The membership dues of the corporation shall be determined by the Board of Directors. Dues shall become due and payable on November January 1 of each year.


We look forward to your comments and questions.