Richmond Amateur Radio Club

Class Schedules

Fall 2017 Classes


Tuesday, September 5, 2017 7pm to 8pm.

In late July the instructors – unpaid volunteers all – will be polled to see who can teach and who cannot. This web page will be update then.



The Club charges each participant $15 for the entire 10-week course. We do not charge extra if you want to take both Tuesday night and Thursday night classes. The fee is still $15.

The Technician, General and Extra ARRL license manuals cost $30 each. Manuals may be purchased registration night and will be available for the first night of class.

Please bring the exact amounts to cover the fee and book or plan to pay by check.

Official Exams

The Club provides a Volunteer Examiners (VE) testing session near the end of each course. There is a $15 examination fee. Click VE Testing Schedules  for the current schedule.

School Location

Registration, classes, and exams are held at the Bon Air United Methodist Church, 1645 Buford Road, Richmond, VA 23235. Please enter the church from the West Bon View Drive side of the building. Signs inside direct you to the correct rooms.

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Other Information

If inclement weather causes the closing of the school, additional nights are usually negotiated to allow adequate time to cover necessary material.

If there is insufficient demand for a course, the course will not be offered.  Most instructors want at least three (3) students before they will hold the class.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the head of the school   Bruce MacAlister, W4BRU at or  804-353-4269.

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