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Saturday Seminars still available

Registration for the license preparation classes has ended. Those Saturday Seminars not yet given are open. D-Star Setup & Operations Apr 7 $10 Remote-control station intro Apr 14 $10 DMR Details Apr 28 $10 All seminars $20 To attend, fill out a registration form (RARC Radio School Registration form Spring 2018-3), send a note to […]

Revised – remote control station down for repairs

The remotely controlled station is on its way back to Richmond for on-site testing. It began failing when attempting to transmit on the HF bands at anything over 25watts. VHF and UHF continued to run correctly. After an inspection of the antenna and feed line found no problems we did the dummy load test. It […]

Saturday morning seminars

Registration for these seminars is Tuesday February 27, 7 to 8pm. The seminars are 9am to noon NEC Antenna Modeling Mar 3 $10 D-Star Setup & Operations Apr 7 $10 Remote-control station intro Apr 14 $10 DMR Details Apr 28 $10 All seminars $20 Note: one seminar is included at no extra charge with the […]

Spring Radio School license class registration February 27

License classes Tuesday nights, 7 to 9pm, March 6 to May 8, 2018   Technician (first license) General (second license) Extra (highest license) Each class cost $20 plus the ARRL textbook that costs $30. At registration the book will be ordered for you and delivered the first night of class You can click the registration […]

Recently elected RARC leaders installed

These members were elected at the October meeting and installed at the annual banquet on November 3. President Jim Bates, K8OI, (804) 690-9143, jlbates4 at gmail dot com Vice President George Golding, W3PPY Treasurer Ken Leidner, WV0L Secretary Tom Newman, KJ4LVC Director Allan Johnson, WA3J Director Tom Flippin, KD4CMK Director Win Grant, WA4SSG Director as […]

History of Radio slides

The history of radio – and a museum to go with it – is a passion for RARC member John DeMajo, K5HTZ. In edition of his series in the RARC monthly newsletter, he presents it as a series of slides. Some have asked for the slides. You can get a PDF copy by clicking radio_history.