Richmond Amateur Radio Club

RARC April Meeting Virtually Happened

President John DeMajo, K5HTZ, convened the meeting at 7pm April 10, 2020 on the Chesterfield repeater, 137.60. At the same time over 20 members also signed on to Skype for the visual part of the meeting. All the audio was through the repeater. Minutes of the meeting will appear in the next newsletter.

After the formal meeting ended, Tom Flippin, KD4CMK, served as net control to take the roll of all present.

It was different.

Thanks to Robert Vest, KA4CBB, trustee for the Chesterfield repeater, for permission to use it.

Why Skype instead of Zoom

After the meeting the question of why Skype and not Zoom. Some club members are current or retired computer professionals who follow software development. They saw the growing security, privacy, and intrusion issues happening with Zoom. Skype had a better reputation on those issues, so the choice. One example from Tech Republic: