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Vision & Proposals presentation

At the December 2016 meeting newly-elected club president Jim Bates, K8OI, presented his vision and made some proposals for the year ahead. That presentation is available as a PDF by clicking 2016-12 Club Presentation.  

RARC at the RVA MakerFest 2016

8000. Actually, well about 7,800 counted and an estimated 5% who got in other entrances and were not counted for the RVA MakerFest 2016 at the science museum. We at the Richmond Amateur Radio Club table certainly had plenty of visitors. We had more with real interest than we’d had in the past two years.

NA1SS QSL card received

We sent ARISS our 100th anniversary QSL card for the 6 July contact. And a SASE, of course. We got their QSL card back. Below is a panoramic view of the ISS contact on July 6.

International Space Station Contact done 6 July

At 1:29 UTC (10:29am EDT), 14 students and 6 instructors asked questions of astronaut Jeff Williams, KD5TVQ, aboard the ISS (International Space Station).   it was part of the “Space Station Camp,” a joint project of the Science Museum of Virginia and six RVA amateur radio clubs with the RARC taking the lead. Since our RARC […]

The RARC and the 2015 RVA MakerFest

There were so many people that the food trucks started running out of food. The first RVA MakerFest in 2014 hosted 4,500 visitors. The second 2015 RVA MakerFest had over 8,000 visitors. The RARC table was near the entrance to the pavilion so we got lots of traffic. A dozen RARC members wearing names tags […]