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Designing and Constructing Magnetic Loop Antennas

Two presentations, one by John DeMajo, K5HTZ, and a second by Ken Zutavern, K4ZUT, at the 10 January 2020 RARC club meeting are outlined here. John‘s presentation is available by clicking this link: loop-antenna-project John’s spreadsheet calculator is at mag_loop_calculator. Ken showed another design that used a hand-wound toroid transformer instead of a small loop […] at new hosting site

If you have problems with this site, sent a note to After years of Chris Walker, N4CBW, generously hosting our website on his site, we’ve moved it to another server. It’s taken almost a month longer than than expected but the webmaster (W4BRU) is pretty rusty not having done this since 2009.

Ham Radio Launched on Balloon

Four cars of hams chased a balloon carrying APRS and launched from Franklin Military Academy, a Richmond city school. KN4CZZ, chemistry teacher at the school led this, his second launch from the school. This time he used APRS and got lots of hams to chase with him. It didn’t go far but it went high, […]