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A program that was presented at a meeting.

October Meeting – Program “Solar Numbers and Amateur Radio”

Business meeting The first 10 to 20 minutes are the business of the club. Reports on the finances, new members, the school, the club stations, etc. are covered. Program The rest of the meeting is the usual technical program. For October program is by Robert Orndorff, W4BNO. The subject: “Solar Numbers and Amateur Radio”; this […]

Designing and Constructing Magnetic Loop Antennas

Two presentations, one by John DeMajo, K5HTZ, and a second by Ken Zutavern, K4ZUT, at the 10 January 2020 RARC club meeting are outlined here. John‘s presentation is available by clicking this link: loop-antenna-project John’s spreadsheet calculator is at mag_loop_calculator. Ken showed another design that used a hand-wound toroid transformer instead of a small loop […]

Remote Hams presentation of 12 May 2017

As soon as some Internet firewall issues are sorted out, the RARC remotely controllable station will be available for club members to use from their computers (Windows only) or Android phones or tablets. Click here to see or download the PDF on the RARC station and the RemoteHams software.