Richmond Amateur Radio Club

Recently elected RARC leaders installed

These members were elected at the October meeting and installed at the annual banquet on November 3.

  • President Jim Bates, K8OI, (804) 690-9143, jlbates4 at gmail dot com
  • Vice President George Golding, W3PPY
  • Treasurer Ken Leidner, WV0L
  • Secretary Tom Newman, KJ4LVC
  • Director Allan Johnson, WA3J
  • Director Tom Flippin, KD4CMK
  • Director Win Grant, WA4SSG
  • Director as past president David Robinson, KJ4LHP

Left to right, Tom Flippin, KD4CMK, Win Grant, WA4SSG, David Robinson, KJ4LHP, George Golding, W3PPY, Ken Leidner, WV0L, and Jim Bates, K8OI

At the bottom right the evening’s speaker, Henry Hassell, K4LMY, told of his boat-building and the adventure of sailing the circuit up the east coast, the bottom of eastern Canada, down the Ohio to Florida and then back to Virginia.

The next week former Treasurer Richard Arnold, WA4FEH, left, was seen transferring the RARC funds from the trunk of his car to that of the newly-elected Treasurer Ken Leidner, WV0L. Richard had been treasurer for about 14 years.