Richmond Amateur Radio Club

Hams needed for the RARC tables at the 2018 RVA MakerFest Oct 6

In 2015 the RVA MakerFest started at the science museum and we were among the first exhibitors. We’re back again in a choice location not far from the food and beer trucks.

For the RARC and ham radio it does several things:

  • It shows that ham radio is not your grandfather’s relic, it’s very much alive and well with 3,000 or so hams in the RVA and Petersburg metro area and 19,000 in Virginia.
  • We show that we not only chat around the world be we actually build stuff. And repair stuff. And modify stuff.
  • We are very up to date using computers all through our stuff.
  • We offer classes and mentoring to those who want to join us.


Send a note to or and let us know what times to expect you. Your choices are one or more of the following:

  • 8:30a, to 10:30am that include setting up on the tables and hanging an antenna or two
  • 10am to noon
  • Noon to 2pm
  • 2pm to 4pm
  • 4pm to 5:30pm that included take down and pack up.

That means you have plenty of time to tour the exhibits while you are there.

Once we have your times and your e-mail address we’ll send the info on where our tables are and what to do.